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Bark Avenue Boutique offers a wide variety of grooming services to pets in Monroe, MI. Our staff and facilities are equipped to handle several pets at once. We have convenient hours and look after your pets with care while you are away. We work hard to keep our prices affordable so that all pet owners can afford to keep them well groomed.

When you choose our grooming services, be ready for first class treatment. We use high-quality pet shampoos and conditioners and have special formulas for sensitive skin and other conditions. We use deodorizers that are pleasant-smelling but not overpowering.

Our professional grooming tables are modern and comfortable. We properly restrain your pet during the clipping and grooming process to reduce the risk of injury. Our groomers are educated about the proper cuts for each breed to trim. We use quality scissors and clippers for professional results.

Most pets are not very excited to get a bath. Our dog groomers are aware of this and work hard to keep your pets calm and relaxed. We use professional washing tubs and equipment. Our expert groomers make sure the water is warm. We never leave your pets alone during the grooming process. After a bath, pets are towel-dried and kept in a warm area until they are blown dry.

Every pet deserves pampering. Our grooming includes superior pet care products administered by loving experienced groomers. We stay current on proper cutting techniques and love working with all breeds of dogs.

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